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Webinars, Workshops & Coaching

All Theresa Dunn / T Dunn Consulting sessions start with a free webinar. Four Workshops will follow to personally explore how we experience the issue and possible choices for the integration of revised old ways and/or some new ways. The descriptions below are proposed themes and each workshop will evolve to meet the interests of the participants. Coaching is a perfect follow up to get your personal needs met after the general workshop forum.

We Are All Connected

We will explore the principles of a culture of peace. Seeing what divides us from others whether in our families, community or those considered the “other”.

Session 1 Cultures of Peace
Explore the principles of a Culture of Peace, Identifying what divides us from others whether in our families, community or those considered the “other”.
Feb 23, 2021
7-9 pm


Session 2 – Labels and Stereotypes
How have I/we experienced labels that divide or connect us from/to others?
Mar 2, 2021
7-9 pm


Session 3Discrimination
How do we experience the discrimination of others in our families, community or society?
Mar 9, 2021
7-9 pm


Session 4Learning to Hate
Who have we been taught to hate?
Mar 16, 2021
7-9 pm

Session 5Building Connections
How can we build a greater range of connections?
Mar 23, 2021
7-9 pm

Peaceful Co-existence

Details to come

Is there peace in conflicts? Examining personal conflict styles, conflicts that don’t hurt, the practice of compassionate relationships.

Parenting: Our greatest education

Details to come

What did we learn about parenting? What are our most valued beliefs and how do we live them? When our children are our greatest threat. What is our greatest need?

Emotional Awareness

Details to come

Various theories and clarifications on emotions, feelings and sensations will be explored.  When do emotions drive us? How can we be more competent in facing our emotions and benefiting from their signals?

Workplace Harmony

Details to come

Using principles of a culture of peace we will explore techniques for compassionate, effective resolutions to conflicts large and small.

Couples Workshop

Details to come

Likely the most desired source for ongoing connection and intimacy and the most likely to be waves of joy and disruption. Understanding intimacy as more than making love. Identify how we know love, identify blocks to love, obtain new ways to receive and give love.

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