Conflict Resolution Policy

It is my intention to provide good service and accurate information to the best of my ability. If there should be any concerns by participants and/or contractors I am committed to addressing any concerns with care and sensitivity preserving the dignity and respect of those concerned and myself. Concerns need to be provided in writing within five days of their occurrence. I will respond in writing within five days with my response and schedule a phone or virtual meeting to clarify any communication and options for resolution. If a resolution is achieved it will be put into writing and the exchange will be considered closed.

I am confident that the best resolution can be obtained through open dialogue and constructive problem-solving. If the issue is not resolved to each party’s satisfaction within an agreed-upon timeframe then I am prepared to incur half of the cost of a skilled and qualified mediator. This will be arranged when both parties agree to the preferred mediator and within three months from the time a mediator is deemed necessary. Finally, if legal assistance is necessary after using the above options I aspire to undertake such a process preserving the respect and dignity of the concerned party and myself until an adequate judgment is provided.

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