Theresa does her work with empathy, understanding, an open mind and lots of experience. She brings to her work a sense of fun and humour to help people relax in stressful situations … She has traveled extensively experiencing life through the people’s point of view. She has a great and intense passion for peace and the workings of peace in every day situations ….

– Lee Farrugia

Theresa Dunn has the ability to see the roses even in a garden of thorns. She is deeply and equally committed to personal human potential and to wholeness in organizational systems. She has dedicated her adult life to building community, to furthering peaceful conflict resolution, whether it be in personal relationships or on an international scale. She is a team player with strong leadership skills and an extraordinary sensitivity and intuition to the good in people.

– Suzanne Nadon

Theresa Dunn shares a potent mix of wisdom and experience. Early in my career she coached me through my first conflict facilitation exercise. I came to her with my intractable questions and she responded with clarity from a place of respect for all involved and practicality about how to move things forward. Working with Theresa made the experience an infinitely richer, not to mention more calm, learning experience.

– Christine Peringer,
Facilitator and Mediator

On behalf of the local chapter of Ploughshares I would like to extend my warmest thanks for your assistance in the panel discussion. Your background and experience in these settings contributed greatly to our discussion …

– Mark Adams, National Coordinator From Weapons to Art

I would like to commend the work of Theresa Dunn. She worked with dedicated effort through all the phases of the project, beyond the mere terms of our undertaking. We hope to continue this collaboration as we work to make this community mediation service a permanent part of the Vilnius community.

– Juozis Lakis, Coordinator Lietuvos Kanfliktu Prevencijos Centras Asociacija (Centre for Conflict Resolution, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Theresa clearly has a set of tools and techniques that serve her well, professionally and personally. Furthermore, she is very open to … learn more from both teachers and clients with whom she interacts.

Accreditation Team Civilian Peace Service Canada

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